Both opposition and ruling parties ready for early election

Not even a year has passed since the last extraordinary parliamentary elections, and yet almost the entire opposition is in favour of a new election being scheduled.

 In recent days, speculations have been rife about early parliamentary elections being held late this year or early 2024. Some speculate that parliamentary election might be held simultaneously with It is even pointed out that they will be held simultaneously with the regular election in Vojvodina, local elections and election in Belgrade.

On top of that, the political situation was further stirred up by the announcement of Rade Basta, the current Minister of Economy from Jedinstvena Srbija party, who openly advocates for Serbia imposing sanctions on Russia, adding that our country is already paying a high price for refusing to impose sanctions and that the situation has become unsustainable.

“As the Minister of Economy, I can’t accept the amount of pressure is being put on the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and yet we remain silent. That is why I am in favour of imposing sanctions on Russia, I stand by President Vučić in the defence of state and national interests, and I have absolute trust in him. I am also asking the Serbian government and all the ministers to make a statement regarding this issue”, Minister Basta said.

Just an hour later, the leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and the current foreign minister, Ivica Dačić, and president of the Jedinstvena Srbija party,  Dragan Marković Palma distanced themselves from Basta’s statement, while the Socialist Movement demanded his resignation.

Not even a year has passed since the last early parliamentary elections, and almost the entire opposition of new election being held as soon as possible. There has been an increase in political activities of all major political parties lately which might indicate that the unofficial election campaign has already begun.

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has announced the formation of the nation-wide People’s Movement for the Defence of the State, a supra-party organization headed by the President of Serbia and SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić, who visited Vranje, Bujanovac, Trgovište, Bosilegrad and Vlasinsko Lake on Saturday, on a promotional tour.

A day later, representatives of four parliamentary political parties – New Democratic Party of Serbia, Dveri, Zavetnici and POKS held a meeting in Prokuplje and Leskovac. On the same day, opposition party leaders Zdravko Ponoš, Nebojša Zelenović, Zoran Lutovac and Đorđe Pavićević held their political rally in Kragujevac.

The Party of Freedom and Justice, helmed by Dragan Đilas, elected a local leadership in Novi Sad, while in Niš, as part of the transformation of the Ne Davimo Beograd movement into the Green-Left Front party, they opened a local office. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated that she does not know whether early elections will be held by the end of the year.

“To be honest, I don’t know when the elections will take place. Like everyone in SNS, I work as if elections are going to be held tomorrow,” she said on Sunday.

(Politika, 15.03.2023)

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