Both MSK and RTB Bor to be put up for sale soon

In mid-December, Serbian government is going to launch a tender for the sale of MSK Kikinda, and in the first quarter of 2018, a tender for the sale of Smelting and Mining Basin Bor (RTB Bor) – Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) reports.

RTS also says that there are several investors interested in both companies, and their preferred method of privatization is strategic partnership.

MSK (an industrial complex that produces methanol and acetic acid) is operational, but is struggling to acquire natural gas, which is their basic raw material, due to its high price. “We had one public call for submission of bids (for MSK) a few months ago, and we received several letters of interest from various companies. We expect the tender to be drafted this month, and we also expect tough competition among bidders”, Serbian Economy Minister, Goran Knezevic says.

In regard to RTB Bor, nine companies from Russia, China, the US and Canada have already sent their letters of interest including Russian Copper Company which revealed its investment plans for RTB Bor last week. The company already has two smelting plants and five mines.

Serbian government says that the interest in acquiring RTB Bor has been growing due to the favourable copper price, among other things, as well as the company’s reorganization.

“We have estimated that RTB Bor needs over $500 million in investments”, says Serbian Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic.

(SeeBiz, 26.11.2017)



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