Bosko Jaksic: “Repeating the election boycott would be political suicide for the opposition”

“I think that most of the opposition has realised that the boycott served its function in the last elections and that repeating it would be political suicide,” said journalist and columnist Bosko Jaksic in an interview with FoNet, who hopes that opposition politicians will understand the responsibility they have before them, especially in the elections in Belgrade.

If the divided opposition misses this opportunity, warned Jaksic in the Kvaka 23 series, it will bear a huge responsibility, because there will not be a new opportunity on the political scene in Serbia for years, nor will there be new rounds of elections. On the basis of everything we are witnessing, he said in a conversation with Zoran Sekulic, a miracle would have to happen for the opposition to agree to go united in the parliamentary and Belgrade elections.

As he explained, Belgrade has the greatest potential for the opposition to win and a great political crossroads. If the opposition fails to participate in the election unified (forming a single electoral list), the chances of success in Belgrade are seriously reduced, Jaksic underlined, adding that Belgrade is the only real ground on which the opposition can win.

Asked whether this means that the current generation of opposition politicians is on its last legs in the upcoming elections, Jaksic said that, as far as he is concerned, they are already lagging behind. More than problematic, according to Jaksic, is the possibility for the opposition having just one presidential candidate because he says “they are not ready to come to an agreement and find a person of integrity and non-partisanship who can be a serious competitor to Aleksandar Vucic”.

Jaksic is sure that next year’s spring elections will not be fair and free, according to the standards of liberal democracy, but a kind of surrogate. In these circumstances, he believes that it is necessary to focus on the deputies, so that the elections will be held in accordance with the current legislation, convinced that they cannot refuse to insist on this proposal.

At the same time, it is necessary to secure supervision of the election, while pre-election and election processes should be continuously monitored by the OSCE, Jaksic added. At the same time “the dilemma, either elections or holding street protests, is essentially an imposed alternative” and he raises the question “does anyone really expect Vučić to agree to change anything and make some concessions under the pressure of street demonstrations”.

Given the autocratic nature of this government, Jaksic believes that that will not happen, adding that revolution is the only alternative to the street, but “there is no potential for revolution in this deeply divided and apathetic people”.

(Danas, 19.09.2021)



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