Bosch to open a factory in Novi Sad

The German company Bosch is planning to build a factory in Novi Sad, Mayor Milos Vucevic announced, talking about the investments in the city.

As he pointed out, this will be the second foreign investment in Novi Sad in the upcoming period after the renowned confectionary company, Barry Callebaut also announced its arrival. Bosch will build the factory in the North IV zone, on private land not far from the location of Lear’s factory.

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Bosch plans to employ 440 people at its new factory, as well as build a research and development centre nearby, employing 50 engineers.

More details regarding the two investments will be revealed in the next few days, the Mayor said.

As for the investment of the Swiss company Barry Callebaut, as announced several days ago at the signing of the memorandum on cooperation between the Swiss company and the Serbian government, the chocolate factory will have been opened by 2021 with a five-year investment plan of EUR 50 million. The mayor said that the factory would be built on a privately-owned land plot, along the M7 route and that it will initially produce 50,000 tonnes of chocolate a year.

(, 24.04.2019)


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