Borko Stefanović:”EU is of opinion that electoral fraud has taken place”

Deputy President of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP)I, Borko Stefanović, is in Brussels with a delegation made by the members of the Serbia Against Violence coalition.

He told N1 that the opposition delegation has had several meetings with various representatives of European Union institutions and that the consensus is that “this regime engaged in electoral fraud”.

“Today, our delegation had very good and meaningful discussions about electoral abuses and electoral theft by the regime led by Aleksandar Vučić. We had discussions about the foreign policy service of the European Union and a meeting with Lajcak and with people from the European Commission. Tomorrow we continue our meetings with people from the Council of the EU. We will also have a very important meeting at the Belgian Foreign Ministry with the Ministry’s top officials as Belgium currently presides over the European Union,” said Stefanović.

According to him, the meetings he has been attending confirm Europe’s opinion about “electoral fraud in Serbia”.

“Europe is of the opinion that the current regime essentially stole the elections, that it abused the elections and trampled on the will of the citizens, and in that sense, we are waiting for the ODIHR report with great anticipation,” he points out.

The Serbian delegation consists of Borko Stefanović, Pavle Grbović, Duško Lopandić and Radomir Lazović.

“I have to say that we met with approval here and we had a very good reception. We presented additional evidence in printed form in several languages with the correct addresses of phantom voters,” says Stefanović.

Radomir Lazović of the opposition Green-Left Front, who is another member of the Serbian delegation, said that they “have enough reason to be optimistic.”

(N1, 26.02.2024)



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