Borders will not be discussed in Brussels

Political experts have branded Hashim Thaci’s statement that “the borders will be discussed in Brussels”, during Belgrade-Pristina talks, as unrealistic at present stage.

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric has says what Thaci’s statements clearly shows is that certain people are under the illusion that it is enough to bring Serbian delegation and President Vucic to the negotiating table to get everything the other side wants.

“They (the Kosovo side) should not count on it, because it will not happen,” Djuric told Tanjug.

A Faculty of Political Sciences professor, Dragan Djukanovic believes that the border issue is overused so that one negotiating side can have a better starting position ahead of the continuation of the dialogue on Sunday. He adds that, in the context of the process of normalizing the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, which is in the final stage, the topic of delineation, i.e. the division of Kosovo, will not be on the agenda.

However, he adds, it is obvious that at this moment, Thaçi is trying to somehow push the issue of delineation with Serbia, particularly in terms of the administrative border. Djukonovic believes that this is not on the agenda.

He sees Thaci’s statement as imposing another negotiation topic, which will only widen the gap between the two parties rather than bring them closer.

“That, in fact, is not going to happen on Sunday. The two sides are more likely to discuss the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and the way they will be regulated, while the topic of concrete delineation will not be discussed this time around. This topic could be discussed some time in the future, but not now”, Djukanovic explains.

The head of the Foreign Policy Centre, Aleksandra Joksimovic, does not believe that the border issue is on Brussels’ agenda and reminds that the eventual change of the borders, the division of Kosovo or the exchange of territories, does not suit the international community.

“Due to different internal political needs, various stakeholders usually come out with different statements before the dialogue starts that are not always in line with what is being negotiated”,  Joksimovic estimates.

According to Joksimovic, it is very important, at this stage, to complete the negotiations on the topic of the Community of Serb Municipalities, which had already been negotiated and which would ensure security of the Serbs in Kosovo.

“The meeting of President Vucic and Thaci in Brussels is actually another attempt to find a solution on a compromise basis that will yield quick results”, Joksimovic believes.

(Vesti Online, 20.06.2018)


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