Book about gastronomic tastes of Frida Kahlo released in Serbia

An intriguing and luxurious book about the gastronomic escapades of the famous painter Frida Kahlo, titled “Frida’s Fiestas”, was published by Sluzbeni Glasnik in Serbia.

The book’s authors, Guadalupe Rivera and Marie-Pierre Colle, have put together a richly documented presentation of the gastronomic habits and tastes of the great Frida.

“Frida’s Fiestas” is a personal account in words and pictures of many important and happy events in the life of the famous Mexican painter, and a scrapbook, assembled by her stepdaughter, of recipes for more than 100 dishes that Frida served to family and friends with her characteristic enthusiasm for all the pleasures of life.

“Frido’s name invites mystery, magic and Mexico. This beautiful book sheds a new light on the already famous legend. Frida was a great enthusiast, and every life opportunity was a reason to rejoice. She celebrated birthdays and holidays dedicated to saints, baptisms, and all national festivals. On those days, Frida liked to cook traditional Mexican dishes to her beloved husband Diego Rivera”, the press release by Sluzbeni Glasnik reads.

(Blic, 07.09.2017)

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