Bomb scares in Serbian schools again

Bomb threats arrived at the email addresses of all elementary schools in the Rasina District, the head of the school administration, Zoran Askovic, told the Beta agency this morning.

“We have received a threat via e-mail about planted bombs in all elementary schools in Rasina District. The police have been informed and are checking the premises, children and teachers are told to stay away from school facilities while children who were supposed to go to school this morning have online classes today,” Askovic said.

Bomb threats were also sent via e-mail at 7:30 a.m. to the addresses of several elementary schools in Niš. The police were sent to schools and performed checks. Children did not go to school today. Furthermore, Niš airport had a bomb scare three days ago following an anonymous tip.

Seven elementary schools in Valjevo and several rural schools received bomb threats too via e-mail, as did many elementary schools in Belgrade, South Banat District in Vojvodina and Majdanpek.

(Politika, 16.06.2022)


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