Bodo Weber: “The US has a colonial attitude towards Pristina and Belgrade”

Bodo Weber, an analyst at the Berlin Council for Politics and Democratization, argues that the attitude of the White House Special Envoy, Richard Grenell, towards the Kosovo issue is “quasi-colonial” and based on a “racist view of the world”.

Weber added that he doubts that dialogue (between Belgrade and Pristina), which was due to take place in Brussels, was postponed due to the pandemic.

Weber also commented on the Head of the Provisional Institutions in Pristina, Avdullah Hoti, claiming to support the proposal to rename Gazivode Lake to Trump Lake, and said that this “small detail” shows how President Donald Trump and his collaborators “have turned American foreign and security policy into a farce, a theatre of absurdities”.

“It could be said that the former allies of the United States have more or less resisted this dangerous development in the last three or four years, the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia obviously less, which speaks volumes about their political capabilities. Especially since Grenell, in a recent interview, presented for the first time the idea of ​​renaming Gazivode Lake, thus demonstrating that his attitude towards the issue of Kosovo is not only almost colonial, but also based on a racist view of the world, ”Weber said.

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Weber also believes that the agreement signed in Washington “has the character of a legally non-binding misunderstanding rather than a real deal” and estimates that the agreement serves as a propaganda tool for Trump and for Grenell’s personal promotion.

“This abuse of Kosovo and Serbia and their conflict have been aggravated by the abuse of the Trump administration’s policy on other issues (China, energy policy, policy towards Israel). This is all a political show and that is demonstrated by the visit of the delegation led by Grenell and the commitments to finance an infrastructure project for which the EU had provided funds long time ago,” Weber added.

Weber also said that that was why we should wait for the outcome of the US presidential elections to see if there was anything left of this “infamous agreement” and estimates that the only effect of the Washington agreement is “to undermine the serious intention of the EU to finally start real negotiations on a definitive, comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia ”.

He added that he did not believe that the pandemic was the reason for the postponement of the dialogue in Brussels and underlined that he thinks the reason is a conflict between Pristina and Belgrade on the question of the Union of Serbian municipalities.

Asked how dialogue with Serbia and the security situation in Kosovo and Metohija will be affected by the latest arrests of former members of the so-called KLA, Weber said he does not believe they will negatively affect the security situation, but will affect the dialogue.

(RTV, 01.10.2020)

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