Bloomberg: Serbia will not be blacklisted as tax haven after all

Serbia will not be included in the draft list of the countries that might be blacklisted by the European Union as tax havens, but will comply with certain additional requests by the EU in this matter – Bloomberg reports.

Serbia, which was also included on the blacklist in the previous draft document on 21st November, is now seen as compliant with the EU’s demands for additional commitments. The latest draft of “non-cooperative jurisdictions” has 29 countries, including Armenia, Bahrain, Barbados, Jordan, Morocco, Mongolia, Panama, Qatar, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

Turkey is another country that will be removed from the list. Ankara’s commitments are now “addressing all the issues identified,” according to an EU working group document updated on Monday and seen by Bloomberg News. “On the basis of new information provided, experts have concluded that the preferential regime named ‘regional headquarters regime’ is not meeting” the criterion for the inclusion in the list of harmful tax regimes, according to the document discussed at the so-called Code of Conduct group.

The Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), Jovanka Tabakovic commented on this matter and said that NBS would do everything in its power to put a stop to ‘creative interpretation’ of the current regulation that was to the detriment of the state budget, citizens or economy of Serbia.

The EU is supposed to make the final decision about which countries to blacklist on 5th December.

(Politika, Bloomberg, 28.11.2017)

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