Blockade at Linglong’s gates: “They owe us 5.5 million euros”, says the director of the company from Svilajnac

In front of Linglong’s column of vehicles, everything was blocked and three militiamen and military vehicles appeared, such is the current situation at the largest construction site in Banat. The protest of subcontractors at the construction site of the Chinese Linglong factory in Zrenjanin began at 9 a.m. and the surrounding roads were already completely blocked. The blockade of the entrance to Linglong was organized this morning by the workers of the company “Alfa technics” from Svilajnec, due to multi-million debts.

The director of this company, Dragoljub Radulović, tells Danas that they will not leave the blockades until they get money: “Workers have not been paid their wages since June, we had dozens of meetings, but nothing of the debt, which is 5.5 million euros, has been paid.” We are the company with the largest claim and the largest number of employees, and we are not the only one,” says Dragoljub Radulović, who claims that another hundred domestic companies, which are subcontractors at the construction site, were damaged. His company has taken 150 of its workers to the blockade, and other contractors are joining them.

“This is not a political gathering, this is a fight for workers to receive their earned wages, to feed their children and send them to school. The protest will last until the promises to pay off the debt are fulfilled,” Radulović was determined.

Unofficial information about the fact that “Linglong” does not pay subcontractors and that this is one of the reasons for the delay in the works appeared sporadically, since the beginning of the construction of the factory in Zrenjanin.

Before the protest of the company of the local subcontractor engaged on the construction site, due to the inability to collect claims for several months, the management of the “Linglong” factory in Zrenjanin sent a statement in Chinese and Serbian to all workers, announcing “some kind of activity” in front of the factory, and further stating that workers are not allowed to take pictures, stop, or give interviews. They are ordered to come to work on time, that lateness is not allowed and that they must respect company rules, N1 learns.


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