BizLink to hire 450 workers in Prokuplje

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic and the Executive Director of BizLink Holding Company, Felix Teng have officially opened a new BizLink’s production facility in Prokuplje, Southern Serbia.

On the occasion, President Vucic pointed out that that was a big move for Prokuplje and Toplicki County, which were both known for high unemployment rate. “The 450 new jobs are of great importance to Prokuplje, and every new created job means life and survival for this region”, Vucic added.

Speaking about the local health resort that also needs to be revived, Vucic said that 25 million dinars had already been allocated from the budget for the reconstruction of the Gvozdeni Puk Monument, in addition to 300 million dinars for investments in the industrial zone and for the relocation of the Dr Aleksa Savic” General Hospital in Toplicki County.

BizLink plans to hire 450 people over the next two to three years to work in the new factory, in addition to the existing 350 employees who are already working for BizLink in Prokuplje.

With the launch of the newest factory, BizLink intends to expand its business and get closer to customers in Europe, the CEO of BizLink, Felix Teng, said in the statement. The Prokuplje factory will produce cable systems for household appliances and electrical devices, the municipal government said.

The US-based company plans to operate the factory through its Serbian subsidiary BizLink Technology SRB d.o.o. The factory is ISO 9001 certified, according to its corporate website.

BizLink was founded in 1996, with the seat in the US and branches in the USA, Japan, India, Ireland, China, Mexico, Slovakia and Serbia.

(Politika, 19.03.2018)


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