Bizarre world of Serbian politics: Official opening of a cesspit

In the last few years, local politicians in Serbia have ceremoniously opened traffic lights, lifts, pedestrian crossings, and even fences, but the one that tops it all off was the official opening of a cesspit.

Local authorities and ministers are known for cutting the ribbons that signifying opening of new bridges, large factories or important roads, but this is the first time they officially opened a cesspit. The opening took place in Mirosevac near Leskovac.  

Although the news sounds like it was picked from a satirical website, the reality is much gloomier because children in many villages in Serbia still use outdoor toilets.

Opening of a traffic light

The people in Serbia were dismayed at the news that the Director of the Novi Sad Construction Institute, Dejan Mandic once officially opened the beginning of the works on a traffic light in Novi Sad.

However, only an hour after the commencement ceremony and the departure of the city authorities, the workers, who started working on installing the traffic light, cut open a water pipeline and caused flooding on the Slobodan Jovanovic Boulevard, where a traffic light was set up, which cut off the water supply in the buildings located on the Boulevard and those in nearby quarters.

Vulin and the lift

Aleksandar Vulin, the then Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, ceremoniously cut the ribbon marking at the opening of a lift in an old people’s home in  Apatin. Previously, he helmed a ceremony of handing over 12 baby alarms to parents of hearing impaired children.

Pedestrian crossing

Some local dignitaries obviously hold pedestrian crossings in high regard as does Mayor of the Belgrade quarter of Vozodovac, Aleksandar Savic who officially opened a crossing in Kumodraz, and subsequently informed everybody on Twiter.


In a sea of balloons and ribbons, former minister Velimir Ilic and the then Mayor of Krusevac, Bratislav Gasic opened a reconstructed staircase in Krusevac a few years ago. The solemn event took place during the local election campaign.

(Blic, 28.01.2018)



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