Bisevac: It’s not clear to anyone what Dacic, Vucic and Thaci are talking about

“We are bombarded with the statements about the partition and demarcation of Kosovo, but it is not clear to anyone what Ivica Dacic and Aleksandar Vucic, on one hand, and Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj, on the other, are actually talking about”, says Safeta Bisevac, the reporter from the Danas daily.

She says that the governments in Belgrade and Pristina are not in favour of reducing the tension, because if they did, people would then started talking about other topics like social and economic issues.

“In this case, citizens kept in fear, the only thing that they are thinking about is a possible war and because they do, their focus shifts from the fact that they are earning 150 euro a month. What is important to focus on, and this is something that the Western officials, like Merkel, are saying,  is that there will  be no change in the borders and this is much more important to hear than what Dacic or Veseli have to say” – Bisevac adds.

According to her, Germany’s opinion is more important in the EU, while it seems that the US is no longer interested in Kosovo.

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“The EU is much more concerned with the Kosovo issue and they maintain that there is no change in the borders in the Western Balkans. Our public and politicians do not know what the demarcation actually means. September and a new meeting in Brussels are coming. Then there is Vucic’s meeting with Putin and a trip to Washington. September seems to be a key month. Something important should take place in Brussels and all the statements are point towards that the end of the negotiations on Kosovo is in sight”, she adds.

Bisevac also believes that the relations between Serbia and Germany will not change due to Germany’s position on Kosovo, and adds that those relations will remain to be good even if no agreement is reached regarding Kosovo.

The statement given by the leader of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic, in which he calls for Vucic to be arrested on the account of “betraying Kosovo”, is considered a win-win situation for both sides.

“He (Obradovic) proved himself to be the leading nationalist in Serbia, and it is important for him to be seen in that way because Dveri has been severely criticized for joining the coalition with the DJB and flirting with the Alliance for Serbia. There is some conflict among the leaders of Dveri. Our politicians cannot reach agreement on such important things such as Kosovo as they are only used to fighting and giving monologues. Obradovic’s statement is a new argument for the ruling party to accuse the opposition that it wants a coup”, Bisevac adds.

She also believes that politicians are promoters of war mongering and that there is no such thing as dialogue in Serbian politics.

“If you want to talk and hear someone else’s attitude, you are not that interesting anyone”, Bisevac explains.

She also commented on the press reporting about the expensive holidays that Serbian officials take.

“I think that is what interests people who want to find out where did the politicians get the money for expensive holidays since they are all on parliamentary salaries. If you are in public office and you are paid from the state budget, taxpayers have the right to ask where your money for such luxurious holidays comes from. The government has been promoting holidaying in Serbia, so why don’t they holiday in Serbia then?”Bisevac asks.

(N1, 14.08.2018)



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