BIRODI: “Vucic got zero criticism on TV stations that use national frequency to broadcast”

From December 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was positively portrayed as much as 82.6 percent of the time in the news programmes of TV stations that use national frequency to broadcast.

Also, these TV stations did not report about Vucic in a negative context at all, said the Social Research Bureau (BIRODI).

According to the latest BIRODI research, from December 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021, the main news programmes of the RTS, Pink, TV Prva, B92, Happy and N1 spoke about Vucic in a positive manner as much as 82.6 percent of the time, in 12.3 percent of the air time, he was presented neutrally and only in 5.1 percent of the time negatively.

The President of Serbia was most talked about on Pink TV with as much as 97.7 percent of news about him being positive in tone, followed by RTS with 91.1 percent, TV Prva and B92 with 91, Happy with 90 percent, while on N1 TV this percentage was only 7.8.

When it comes to negative news about Vucic, there were none on all five television stations with a national frequency, while on N1 negatively reported about Vucic in 37.8% of its news.

During this period, the President of Serbia spoke mostly about topics related to the coronavirus (23.7 percent), foreign policy (11.8 percent), army and police (10.3 percent), infrastructure (8.6 percent) and the economy and foreign investments (8.2 percent).

It is interesting the president of the country that is a candidate for the EU membership spoke about the European integration process only 1.4 percent of time, almost as much as about sports (1.1 percent). Vucic spoke least about education, state administration and the public sector (0%) and culture (0.4 percent).

BIRODI’s director, Zoran Gavrilovic, said for that it is obvious that we have entered an informal presidential campaign.

„These results show that five televisions with a national frequency have become just a propaganda tool of the President of Serbia. The REM is obligated to react in such cases, because such reporting violates the right of citizens guaranteed by Article 51 of the Serbian Constitution to objective, timely and accurate information. It also violates the Law on Public Information, Article 15,“ Gavrilovic said.

(N1, 28.02.2021)

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