Biopic about the late Vlada Divljan to premiere on May 10th

The biopic about one of the former Yugoslavia’s top musicians and songwriters, Vlada Divljan is scheduled to premiere at Belgrade’s Sava Centre on May 10th – the film’s author said at Wednesday’s press conference.

The documentary titled Heavenly Topic (Nebeska Tema) about Belgrade musician Vlada Divljan features a number of other iconic musicians from the former Yugoslavia who performed in the early 1980s. In the film, all of them are performing new versions of Divljan’s music.

Divljan was the frontman and driving force behind the group Idoli whose New Wave pop music was liked across the former Yugoslavia. He is viewed as the gentleman of rock ‘n’ roll with cover versions of his songs still performed to this day.

The film’s director Mladen Maticevic said at the press conference that he did not make a classic documentary and that the film was both a document and a fairy tale, urban and emotional and romantic, just like the man it portrays.

“I spoke to hundreds of people about him and I am completely fascinated by the fact that none of those people said a single bad word about him. Wherever I mentioned the Vlada Divljan, doors opened to me and that is Vlada’s magic. This is precious. This is one of the very few people that nobody said anything bad about,” Maticevic said.

Divljan died in Vienna in March 2015 at the age of 57.

Fellow Idoli band member, bass player Zdenko Kolar said that he always had a different experience of Divljan’s songs.

The movie is produced by Starhill and the United Media company with several co-producers. Funds to start shooting also came from the Indie GoGo platform.

(N1, 11.04.2019)



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