Billion euro worth of wind farms built in South Banat

In southern Banat, a county in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, where winds blow for almost 365 days, a total of 186 wind turbines should be built in the next two to three years that will supply close to 200,000 households with green energy.

The value of these investments is almost a billion euros, which are one of the largest investments in Serbia.

Developers from Abu Dhabi, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands are building these wind farms. In the last ten years, they have performed detailed analysis here and found that the Banat region was the most attractive for investments in wind farm. The first green kilowatt hour of electricity generated here was distributed via EMS two years ago, when Italy’s Fintel Energy put into operation two turbines in the village of Izbište, near Vršac. The same company is now building the Košava wind farm, with 20 turbines, worth 120 million euro.

“The plan is to have Košava operational by the end of next year. After that, we will continue to assemble 19 more turbines, because we want to make the most of the win potential in Serbia”, says Tiziano Giovannetti, executive director of Fintel Energy, which is a pioneer in building wind farms in Serbia.

As a result of these investments, Serbia will meet the obligation to produce 27 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020, while the local governments and the owners of the land plots on which the turbines will be assembled will have several benefits. In the undeveloped municipality of Alibunar, where most the wind generators will be built (88), over a hundred contracts on long-term lease of land have been signed.

“A hectare of agricultural land in Alibunar is usually leased at the price of about 300 euro per year, and the foreign investors have paid 1,500 euro for a quarter of the hectare, while the land owners can use the rest of the land”, Predrag Belić, the former president of the municipality, who was involved in these projects from the very beginning.

As a result, about 3.5 million euro was paid into the budget of the Alibunar municipality, while the additional revenue is expected to be generated through a portion of the overall annual wind farm profit being paid into the budget.


Four turbines are being built by the Belgian company Elisio in Alibunar, on the international route Belgrade – Vrsac – Timisoara. In September, the same investor will raise another 21 turbines. Soon, the Belgian-Dutch company, WindVision will start with the assembly of 58 turbines, while Balkan Electric will erect five. In the neighbouring municipality of Kovin, the Arab company from Abu Dhabi is building the Čibuk wind farm with 57 turbines, which will cost 290 million euro.

(Vecernje Novosti, 28.07.2018)


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