Billion dinars in grants for micro and small enterprises

The Ministry of Economy of Serbia has launched a public call for the allocation of grants for micro and small enterprises, entrepreneurs and cooperatives in the total amount of one billion dinars.

The call is called “The Small Business Support Programme for the Procurement of Equipment “. According to the Programme’s terms and conditions, the Ministry of Economy will co-finance a quarter of the costs for the procurement of new production equipment, specialized tools and equipment for the execution of construction works.

The grant per entity can be up to five million dinars, the Ministry said.

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The Programme also stipulates that 25% of the procurement costs will be covered by the state, the enterprise itself will have to cover 5%, while the remaining 70% of the costs are financed through a favourable loan of a partner bank or a leasing company.

“The enterprises interested in this type of support will apply with a partner bank or leasing company which are involved with the programme and offer favourable loan terms”, the Ministry said.

The special advantage is that loans do not have to have collateral like a mortgage, the purchases equipment or tools would serve as collateral.

This year’s programme partners are Banka Poštanska Štedionica, ProCredit, Eurobank, Credit Agricole, Erste Bank and Halkbank.

Also, the Ministry is implementing this program in cooperation with two leasing companies – Raiffeisen and UniCredit Leasing.

All information and documentation are available on the Ministry of Economy’s official website – .

The public call is open until the end of the year or until all the funds are exhausted.

(Vecernje Novosti, 14.03.2019)



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