Bilčík: Serbia didn’t open any EU accession chapters in 2020 – that speaks a lot

The fact that Serbia did not open a single chapter in the accession negotiation with the European Union in 2020 speaks for itself,” Vladimír Bilčík, the European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia, warns.

If there is no progress in the rule of law, fight against corruption and other reforms, there is no opening of new chapters, he adds.

“That’s a crystal clear message to you (Belgrade)! Not a single chapter has been opened, That speaks a lot and I think the situation is pretty clear,” Bilčík reiterated.

He also said he expected “an urgent constitution of a new government in Serbia and all parliamentary bodies”.

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“The elections were in June, we are now in September. There are only a few months until the end of the year. If Serbia wants to open one chapter at least, we must see the work on that and the results from it,” Bilčík warned.

(N1, 16.09.2020)

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