Biggest state subsidies for agriculture in 2019

In 2019, the biggest subsidies will be given out by the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in the amount of no less than RSD 36.2 billion, as per the Budget Preparation Guidelines published by the Ministry of Finance. 

In terms of subsidies for businesses, the 2019 plan stipulates a total of RSD 17.59 billion.

The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure plans to allocate RSD 14.65 billion worth of, subsidies for rail and intermodal transport.

According to the projections, public enterprise Roads of Serbia (Putevi Srbije) could get RSD 6.3 billion of subsidies, of which RSD 0.5 billion would the state’s contribution to the Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project. Another public road enterprise, Corridors of Serbia (Koridori Srbije) will probably RSD 3.1 billion worth of subsidies.

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RSD 0.9 billion will be given to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, as its contribution towards a credit line granted the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (for the competitiveness and employment project), which will be realized through the Innovation Fund.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy is also planning subsidies for public enterprise PEU Resavica which will go towards socially vulnerable consumers of energy and are projected at no less than RSD 1.32 billion.

According to these plans, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications could get RSD 0.5 billion for subsidies, to be spent on travel vouchers and boosting the promotion of travel destinations in Serbia.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Subsidies will get RSD 4 billion in subsidies to fund public broadcasting services like Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) and Radio and Television of Vojvodina (RTV).

A total of RSD 103.1 billion will be set aside in the Serbian budget in 2019 for paying interest rates and related costs.

(Blic, 06.11.2018)


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