Big fines for people who violate anti-pandemic measures

People who organize house parties or have a gathering of more than five people in their home risk a fine of 50,000 to 150,000 dinars, based on the amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases which came into force last Friday.

The person who violates the new regulation can be reported to the municipal inspection or to the communal police by the citizens themselves by calling the Coordination Commission for the supervision of the inspection.

New measures adopted by the Government of Serbia came into force on Tuesday evening. They stipulate that all service facilities, with the exception of pharmacies, petrol stations and food delivery services, must be closed at 9 pm. This measure will be in place until December 1, but if the epidemiological situation does not improve, stricter measures will be considered.

In line with the amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases,  organizers of indoor parties or indoor gatherings with more than five people risk paying very high fines.

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Dragan Pusara, head of the inspection unit at the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, says: “A fine from 50,000 to 150,000 dinars can be imposed on the owner of an apartment where a gathering of more than five people is taking place.”

If the owner rents their apartment for one day for a party, the owner and the party organizer can be held responsible and will have to pay the fine.

(Blic, 18.11.2020)

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