Big drop in temperature after tropical heatwave

The weather will remain sunny and warm throughout this week with a significant drop in temperature expected to happen over the weekend.

The weather forecasters expect the temperature to drop to only 20 degrees Celsius on Monday.

“We we had earlier forecasted that that the temperature will fall by some 7 degrees, but more recent data shows that the drop will more likely be more than 10 degrees Celsius compared to the current 32-33 degrees that have now. We expect the temperatures to plumet to around 20 degrees”, meteorologist Djordje Djuric says.

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The cyclone coming from the Adriatic will bring about cooler temperatures in the entire region, and in Serbia, it will first hit the northwest of the country on Sunday night. The rest of Serbia will catch have rain and thunder by Monday morning.

This drop in temperature will mark the end of summer in Serbia, but it is not yet certain how long it will last. It all depends on the cyclone’s path, and for now, the data still varies”, Djuric said, and noted that there may be heavy local rains.

After a more unstable period, the end of August and the beginning of September will be about 25 degrees, and it’s not yet time to say goodbye to the flight, concludes the meteorologist.

Yellow meteo alarm

Today, the yellow meteorological alarm is on in entire Serbia due to high temperatures. In some parts of Serbia, there will be thunders in the evening, as well as modest local flooding.

Tomorrow, there will be strong south-eastern winds in the Morava, Danube and south Banat region.

(Blic, 22.08.2018)


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