Bieber:”Serbia will not became an EU member as long as Vucic is in power and he knows it”

Serbia has a serious problem with corruption, freedom of media and lack of democracy, and as such will never be able to become a part of the European Union, said Florian Bieber, the professor at the Centre of Southeast European Studies of the University of Graz.

“(President of Serbia Aleksandar) Vucic knows that very well and he is aware that the way he rules is not in line with the European principles. It is up to him to decide whether he will reduce his own influence and give up on playing ‘the almighty’ or he will continue to rule in the same manner,” Bieber was quoted as saying to

Asked if the West is tolerating the lack of democracy, suppressing of media and enslavement of institutions, Bieber said it is difficult to publicly criticise a government, if there is an objective fear of that government distancing from the West.

According to him, this is a message that Vucic is “cleverly” sending out, that he would move even closer to China and Russia if there is no support.

Also, he added, the West has for a long time trusted that authorities in Serbia would make certain compromise regarding Kosovo and that’s why they have been providing support but now the European Union is aware that Vucic will not do that.

(Danas, 14.11.2021)



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