Biden’s America is returning to the Balkans

In an interview for the Montenegrin TV station, Gennady Sisoyev, a journalist and correspondent of the Russian daily, Kommersant, said assessed that the United States, under the administration of President Joseph Biden, is returning to the Western Balkans.

New relations between the United States and Russia, he says, will also resonate with the region.

“The United States has made it known that it is returning to the Balkans and that it will influence the events in this region,” Sisojev said.

He also states that the information about the connection between Vučić, his family and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, with the criminal group of Veljko Belivuk, can influence the upcoming events in Serbia and the region.

“It depends on how long the Belivuk scandal will last and whether there will be new discoveries. If it lasts until the elections, which are due to take place in the spring next year, it will affect the outcome and the political leadership of Serbia is aware of that,” Sisoyev said. “When the government senses danger, the easiest way out is to provoke a crisis at the border and present itself as a protector of the brotherly nation,” Sisojev added, alluding to the possible conflict between the Republic of Srpska and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Serbia stepping in to save the situation.

He goes on to say that the Serbian political leadership constantly highlights the criminal doings of the Belivuk clan, and yet never answers questions about the nature of the relations between the Serbian politicians and clan members.

Speaking about the Minister of Defence, Nebojša Stefanović, as a possible alternative to Aleksandar Vučić, Sissoyev says that Vučić is aware that Stefanović has good connections in the United States.

Sissoyev also claimes that the West is on the way to withdraw its support to the President of Serbia. “And that is, if not a figurative red card, but definitely a yellow one for Vučić,” said Sissoyev and reminded that the Serbian Progressive Party, hence Vučić, came to power in 2012 with the help of the West, primarily Germany.

(Danas, 04.08.2021)

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