Best students to have paid internship at public institutions

The Serbian government has decided to provide paid internships for the best students who study at state universities. These internships would take place in state bodies, public service companies and local governments, starting from June 3rd this year.

The Government’s decision refers to students enrolled in one of the last two years of basic academic and integrated studies in the 2023/24 school year in state-run educational facilities (universities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Pristina, with temporary headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica and the State University in Novi Pazar).

The internship will be given to students who achieve the best overall average grade at the end of the last semester. The internship would last three months and each student would get 15,000 dinars a month, not including tax and mandatory social contributions.

After the state universities submit their lists of the best students to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry will prepare a draft student internship contract and determine the minimum number of hours of internship per week, the list of students who are eligible for such internships and the list of institutions where they will do the internship.

(Bizlife, 10.05.2024)

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