Besiri: “No prime minister has done so badly as Brnabic if we consider EU accession effort”

The director of the Institute for European Affairs, Naim Leo Besiri, assessed the latest European Commission report on Serbia and said that no Serbian prime minister, before Ana Brnabic, had done so badly when it comes to reforms that lead to the country’s integration into the European Union.

Besiri said for the Nova S TV that the Commission’s rating of 3.03, which is how much Serbia got, was not as good or even as acceptable as it might seem to some.

“This is a lukewarm evaluation. According to the relevant European criteria, Serbia needs to get the score of at least 5, in implementing 35 accession chapters, to become a member of the European Union. If you have an average score of 3, it means you were given the score of 1 in certain parts, so you will really have to make an extremely big effort to find yourself among the developed countries of the world, ”Besiri explained.

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According to the report, it is estimated that Serbia, if it continues at this pace, will be ready to join the EU 65 years.

“Prime Minister Brnabic and her government have done very poorly when it comes to reforms in all parts of society that bring Serbia close to the EU membership. No prime minister, and Serbia had had eight governments since the end of the Democratic Party’s mandate, has done so badly if we look at the implemented reforms”, Besiri says and adds that there are no indications that Ana Brnabic’s new government will do much better in the future.

(N1, 07.10.2020)

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