Berlin photographer Sven Marquardt coming to Belgrade

German photographer Sven Marquardt is coming to Belgrade on 5th June where he will exhibit his photographs as a part of the project Artist in Residence in the big gallery of Cultural Center GRAD.

The central event of the artist’s residence will be Marquardt’s exhibition ‘Future’s Past’ that opens up on 5 June at 8 pm. The exhibition will be accompanied with numerous other programmes. Just like with any artistic residence projects, the artist will be creating artwork inspired by his current town of residence. In this case, it is Belgrade.

Marquardt has had a rich artistic career that has very much been conditioned by social and political situation before and after the fall of the Berlin wall. He was born in 1962 and he started his career in the early 1980s in East Berlin working first as an assistant of the famous photographer Rudolph Schafer, primarily in fashion photography. Since 1986, as an independent photographer, he has been publishing his work in many famous German magazines such as Das Magazin, Der Sonntag, and Neues Lieben. He also publishes independently and in groups.

Marquardt is not only known as a photographer. Anyone who has ever been to, or has been denied entrance to the popular Berlin club, Berghain knows that Sven stands at the end of the line and decides whether you can come in or not.

Marquardt’s photo-exhibition ‘Future’s Past’ shows three decades of his work. The grayscale photographs have an abundance of symbolism and references from the history of art that are not so easy to spot and require careful observing. The exhibition will be opened by from 5th to 17th June.

(Still in Belgrade, 22.05.2017)

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