Belgraders protest against demolition of Belgrade Fair

Several thousand people marched in Belgrade at the protest March for the Fair, organized by opponents of the demolition of the Belgrade Fair.

Citizens marched from Belgrade’s Manjez Park to the Fair.

Actress Anita Mancic said at the end of the protest that they are „on the right side of history“.

„This is just the beginning,“ she added.

The organizers called for the signing of a petition for the protection of the Fair, which will be submitted to the Institute for the Protection of Monuments.

The city authorities plan to move the Belgrade Fair from its current location to Surcin in the next five years, but activists and part of the public oppose the demolition of this symbol of Belgrade at its current location.

The Belgrade Fair is a large complex of three large domes and a dozen of smaller halls which is the location of the major trade fairs in Serbia’s capital.

A few months ago, the media reported that the Serbian government (which is the owner of the Belgrade Fair) has sold the land used by the Belgrade Fair to the Belgrade Waterfront Company, which plans to build residential buildings in the Fair’s current location. Apparently, all of the Fair’s halls, except for Hall 1, will be relocated to Surčin.

(Radio Free Europe, 10.12.2023)

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