“Belgrade Waterfront’s expansion will downgrade the quality of life”

The further development of the Belgrade Waterfront real estate project will downgrade our quality of life, to what extent we are not aware yet, but we can only guess, Iva Cukic, an architect, urban planner and founder of the Ministry of Space Collective, said on Saturday.

„The authorities are not giving the citizens what they need but are pandering to a small group of people who benefit from it. Urban planning should serve the public interest, not profit“, she added.

According to her, research shows that part of Belgrade’s strip of water is 100 percent ecologically devastated, which means that it cannot be recuperated. Also, biodiversity and the environment are in jeopardy, while the air temperature in this particular part of Belgrade has increased. With additional expansion, the consequences will be much greater, she pointed out.

Forbes Serbia editor-in-chief, Ivan Radak said, on the other hand, that the Belgrade Waterfront proved to be profitable for those who invested in it.

“Belgrade Waterfront is obviously doing well, and at this rate, developers could build on 5,000 instead of 500 hectares of land and occupy the entire coast”, he estimated.

According to him, Belgrade Waterfront apartments are selling well. Last year, they sold ready-made apartments for 220 million euros, and for pre-sold apartments, the advances were even higher – 360 million euros.

(Novi Magazin, 13.04.2024)



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