Belgrade Waterfront to expand to include Čukarica and Novi Beograd

The Serbian government has approved amendments to the Spatial Plan of the Special-Purpose Area for the development of a part of the coastal area of the city of Belgrade, that is the coastal area around the Sava River, so that the Belgrade Waterfront development project can expand further.

According to the website of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, the amendments to the Spatial Plan encompass parts of the municipalities of Savski Venac, Stari Grad, Novi Beograd and Čukarica, of a total area of around 327ha.

Furthermore, the border of the Spatial Plan might encompass areas necessary for the construction of facilities and systems of utility and other infrastructure in areas outside said zones.

The new plots that the Belgrade Waterfront project will cover are also located in the area of Mostarska Petlja, stretching all the way to the Sava River banks, near the Old Railway Bridge and in the area of the Sava Coast.

The government’s decision comes into effect on the eighth day from the date of the publication in the Official Gazette.

(, 12.04.2024)

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