Belgrade Waterfront Company refused a location permit

On the last day of February, the Belgrade Spatial Planning and Construction Secretariat rejected for the second time the request submitted by the Belgrade Waterfront Company for issuance of a location permit for their construction site that is supposed to be opened at the current main bus station.  

The company submitted its first request in November 2023 and it was expressly rejected within eight days due to technical reasons because the project submitted in .pdf format was not readable and no graphic documentation was submitted in .dwf or .dwg format.

The Belgrade Waterfront Company reacted quickly and on the same day (November 28) submitted an amended request. This time, it took the Secretariat quite a long time to make a decision which was again a “no”.

Thus, the construction of the residential and business complex planned on the site of the current main bus station (BAS) and the bus parking lot will be postponed for some time.

The Secretariat determined that the conceptual solution had as many as 20 faults and shortcomings.

When it comes to the construction segment of the request, the Secretariat states that according to the valid planning document, the maximum height for certain parts of buildings cannot exceed +/- 1.2 metres. The Secretariat adds that “subunit 10B has to be a green area, as defined by the applicable planning document”. There are several other objections that pertain to the number of floors that planned buildings will have, the unclear design of entrances to buildings, etc. The developer also did not state what they planned to do with the existing buildings used by the main bus station.

The company is entitled to submit an objection to the Secretariat’s decision.

(Forbes, 11.03.2024)

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