Belgrade Waterfront buildings are mouldy and leaking water

The Belgrade Waterfront residents announced a protest for Saturday, March 11 which did not happen in the end, but that does not mean that the problems that tenants in certain buildings of this complex have had are gone or that they did not exist.

Flooded buildings, wet walls, moisture and water in the garages are just some of the problems faced, above all, by the tenants in the Aurora and Arcadia buildings.

The tenants of these buildings have formed a Viber group in which they complained about the problems they have. In one of the messages, the owner of the apartment complained that “three of his cars were destroyed” because the so-called cement milk was leaking into his parking space since last year.

One of the tenants wrote that for two weeks, the repairmen have not left the building, fixing all the leakages and defects. They have been renovating the -1 and-2 levels of the building. As far as the humidity is concerned, dehumidifiers have working for the past year only at the -2 level.

The housing association from the building at 21, Hercegovačka Street was planning to sue the project owners and contractors, as well as subcontractors, as they were given a deadline of 30 days to remove all deficiencies.

The Strabag Company, one of the Belgrade Waterfront contractors, had a meeting with the tenants, which is why presumably there was no protest in the end.

“Water is seeping into all the garages while the building is slowly sinking and cranking. The fire extinguishers and ventilations are not working, the sewerage is backed up to the 20th floor,” the email, which was sent to journalists, states.

Furthermore, “parts of facades and windows are falling off and water pipes are bursting and yet no one has done anything about it for nine months”, the email adds.

It is hard to believe that these kinds of problems are associated with buildings where apartments are sold for EUR 4,418 per square metre on average. The most expensive apartment in the Belgrade Waterfront has been sold for EUR 10,400 per square metre.

(Danas, 13.03.2023)

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