Belgrade University entrance exams kick off today – IT, psychology and dentistry most popular

Nearly 20,000 high school graduates have applied for a total of 15,053 study places, be it students who will study free of charge or self-financing ones, at faculties of the University of Belgrade.

The entrance exams, which are being held this year with heightened security measures, will begin today after many higher education institutions faced the problem of false bomb threats.

According to data posted on the University’s website, 657 graduates applied for 304 places at the Faculty of Architecture, 766 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (420 places available), 1,162 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (720 places available) and 447 applicants applied for 180 places in software engineering.

In mechanical engineering, 1,103 students applied for 680 places, 109 to the Faculty of Geology (316 places available), 509 to the Faculty of Transportation (350 places available), 284 to the Faculty of Metallurgy (385 places), and 81 to the Faculty of Technology in Bor (240).

A total of 2,299 applicants applied for 840 places at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, including 2,066 for Information Systems and Technology studies (480 places available) and 1,796 for Management and Organization Studies (360 places available).

490 students applied for the Faculty of Agriculture (790 available places), 173 for Forestry (340), 1,509 for Economics (1,320), 1,385 for Law (1,400), 147 for Orthodox Theology (230), 1, 081 for Philology (1,393), 604 for Faculty of Security (400), 295 for Teaching Faculty (410), while for Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation a total of 320 high school graduates applied (270 available places) and 311 at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education (260 available).

A total of 868 high school graduates applied for Philosophy (733 available places). The most sought-after undergraduate major is Psychology, where 543 applicants applied for 116 available places.

1,002 people applied for a place at the Faculty of Political Science, double the expected matriculation quota (500 places). A similar situation is at the Faculty of Medicine, where 1,224 applicants will “fight” for 660 places.

217 applicants applied for 170 available places at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. As many as 774 applicants applied to the Faculty of Dentistry (for a total of 240 places). At the Faculty of Pharmacy, 555 applicants applied for 327 places, 69 for Physics (155), 240 for Chemistry (185), 41 for Physical Chemistry (100), 308 for Biology (230) and 323 for Geography (250).

Finally, a total of 685 applicants applied for 435 available places at the Faculty of Mathematics, while the most popular major at that Faculty is Computer Science, where 518 applicants applied for a total of 160 available seats.

(Danas, 27.06.2022)

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