Belgrade University among the top 500 universities on the Shanghai list

For ten years, the University of Belgrade has been ranked among the top five hundred academic institutions on the so-called Shanghai list (The Academic Ranking of World Universities – ARWU).

Academic experts consider this list one of the most important in the rankings of higher education institutions.

Although the Shanghai list is not the most favourable for the University of Belgrade given the ranking criteria, as the oldest university in the Serbian capital has no Nobel Prize winners or Fields medal winners, it has been in the top two per cent of the world’s best for 10 years. It took Belgrade university several years to reach the top 500, and this year, it ranks 431st.

“I think our university is well placed. Big investments have been made especially in Asian universities, which have been advancing more and more in these lists lately, and in a way, they are gaining the lead over European universities,” said Professor Vladan Đokić, Rector of the University of Belgrade.

According to scientific fields, the University of Belgrade has the best ranking in the field of food sciences and food technology, where it ranks between 51st and 75th.

(RTS, 25.10.2022)


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