Belgrade University among 1.8% top universities in the world

Belgrade University is ranked in the first 1.8 per cent of universities out of a total of 20,966 universities worldwide, according to the latest global ranking compiled by the Center for World University Rankings, which was officially published on Monday, May 13.

Our university is in the high 376th place out of a total of 20,966 ranked world universities, announced the University of Belgrade.

This year, the University of Belgrade was ranked according to the following indicators: place on the world ranking list – 376 out of a total of 20,966 universities, in the top 1.8 per cent in the world, ranking in the region (Europe) – 153, ranking in the country – 1, education ranking – 498, research ranking – 343 and overall score – 75.8.

The top 10 global universities are (in ranking order): Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Princeton, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and California Institute of Technology.

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a leading consulting organization providing policy advice, strategic insights, and consulting services to governments and universities to improve educational and research outcomes.

Since 2012, CWUR has been publishing the only academic ranking of global universities that assesses the quality of education, employability, quality of faculty, and research without relying on surveys and university data submissions.

(Politika, 14.05.2024)

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