Belgrade to have public river transport?

Belgrade’s Secretariat for Public Transport has launched a public procurement procedure for the preparation of the feasibility study for passenger river transport.

“In cities with natural preconditions, waterways are becoming a competition to mainland roads in terms of capacity and the smaller number of negative factors that impact the navigability of the waterway. With its position and especially its orientation in spatial development (stretching from Obrenovac to Zemun and Grocka), the city of Belgrade has the prerequisites for developing passenger river transport,” says the Secretariat in a statement and adds that the development of this type of service requires a thorough analysis.

The document underlines that passenger river transport could contribute to reducing traffic pressure, pollution and noise level in the central city zones and to developing the traffic sector by creating new jobs.

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The feasibility study should describe the current state of the public passenger transport in Belgrade, provide a comparative analysis of the public water transport in cities where it is already established, an analysis of the potential locations for ports, describe network lines, schedules, types of vessels, proposed transport prices and types of tickets.

The tendering procedure is open until February 12, 2020. The public opening of the bids will be held on the same day.

(Mondo, 14.01.2020)


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