Belgrade to have a public bicycle sharing system soon

Deputy Belgrade Mayor Goran Vesic said that the Serbian Government’s Public-Private Partnership Commission has given a positive opinion about the Belgrade authorities launching a call for tenders for a public-private partnership to introduce and operate a public bicycle system in the capital city.

According to Vesic, 150 bicycle sharing stations will be opened in Belgrade over the next three years, with 900 public bicycles stationed there.

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“Belgrade currently has about 100 kilometres of bicycle tracks and the plan is to build 120 additional kilometres in the next four years,” said Vesic. The decision for Belgrade to have a public bicycle system is a historic decision from the point of view of traffic development, environmental protection, the promotion of healthy living, but also for improving the image of the city, which is slowly starting to resemble other European capitals.

Vesic says that Belgrade, like most major European cities, needs to improve and transform its infrastructure to meet the needs of a population of almost 2 million.

“Considering that, in the last three years, about 50,000 new cars have been registered in Belgrade, the rapid increase in the number of vehicles is congesting the streets and sidewalks of the capital, and therefore it is necessary to create alternative transport systems, one of which is precisely the public system of bicycles,” concluded Vesic.

(Politika, 26.08.2019)



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