Belgrade to get six new museums by the time EXPO 2027 is launched

By the time the EXPO 2027 exhibition is officially open, Belgrade is set to unveil six new museums, housed in both newly constructed and reconstructed buildings. The city’s main museum area will be centred around Sava Square, which is transforming into a vibrant museum quarter.

In the next three years, Belgrade will introduce a new museum quarter, stretching from Sava Square to Resavska Street and Mostar Loop. This area will feature four new museums: the Historical Museum of Serbia, the Children’s Museum, the Museum of the City of Belgrade, and the relocated Nikola Tesla Museum, moving from its current location in Krunska Street to Belgrade Waterfront.

In other areas of Belgrade, the Museum of Natural History will be built at Ušće, and the Aviation Museum near Nikola Tesla Airport will be completely reconstructed.

The former main railway station building from 1884, located at Sava Square, will become the Historical Museum of Serbia. The building permit has already been obtained and in the next few months, the contractor will be selected.

Adjacent to the railway station, the old post office building, designed by architect Momir Korunović, will be restored to its original glory. It will house the Children’s Museum, inspired by the ZOOM Kindermuseum in Vienna and will include two new theatre stages.

Today, the building bears little resemblance to its glorious past, despite being designed by the architect known as the Serbian Gaudi. Severely damaged during the Second World War, its original appearance was completely altered. However, after the ongoing reconstruction, it is poised to showcase one of the most beautiful facades in Belgrade.

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