Belgrade to get a panoramic wheel and aquarium

Belgrade authorities plan to open the Museum of the 21st Century and build a public aquarium and a panoramic wheel.

The aquarium will span around 5,000 square metres and will be able to take between 500,000 and 600,000 visitors annually, with parking spaces for 150 vehicles. The aquarium’s volume will be 2 million litres of water.  

As for the panoramic wheel, the plan is for it to be 85 metres high, in likeness of the one in Vienna, which is somewhat smaller, and will weigh around 240 tonnes. The provisional location for the wheel and aquarium is Ušće Park.

The Museum of the 21st Century will span 8,000 square metres and will be an extension of the existing Museum of Contemporary Art.

(eKapija, 20.11.2023)

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