Belgrade to apply countermeasures against Pristina?

Official Belgrade will not initiate arbitration against Pristina following Pristina introducing enormous taxes on products from Serbia, but the Serbian authorities are considering implementing countermeasures against Pristina.

Since the option of arbitration was abandoned because UNMIK, which is a signatory CEFTA agreement on behalf of so-called Kosovo, declined jurisdiction over the matter.

In this situation, Belgrade is left only with an option to sue Kosovo, but in that case, if Kosovo appeared a legal entity in international law proceedings that could be interpreted as recognition of its “statehood”, which is why the option of arbitration has been rejected.

Kosovo became a full-fledged member of the CEFTA in July 2007, and the Membership Agreement was signed by UNMIK on behalf of the Pristina institutions.

The Serbian daily, Vecernje Novosti asked the UNMIK representatives to explain why they declined jurisdiction but UNMIK has not responded as yet.

One of the countermeasures that Belgrade can introduce is stopping trucks from Kosovo crossing Serbia’s territory on their way to the European Union.

In that case, there would be a risk of Serbia being charged with violating the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, which is the reason why the Serbian authorities are exercising caution when deciding which countermeasures to apply.

The Serbian government could discuss the countermeasures against Pristina on its session on Friday when the Serbian political representatives come from Kosovo to Serbia – the Vecernje Novosti daily writes.

(Mondo, 23.05.2019)



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