Belgrade subway trains will be driver-less

Belgrade City Manager Miroslav Čučković said that the Belgrade authorities would sign a contract with the German company Deutsche Bahn in early May this year, which will become the main supervisor of the construction of the Belgrade subway.

“The contract value is 36 million euros and stipulates that Deutsche Bahn will take over the activities on supervising the subway construction. The French and Chinese companies are commissioned to carry out the construction. The Belgrade subway will be the second fully automated, driver-less subway in the world, right after the one in Qatar,” Čučković told RTS.

As for the works on the Sava coastline, he said that the city services will install hydrants and new and safe connections for rafts. They were also told to remove their vessels while the works on the embankment are underway. As for the new city bus fare collection system, Čučković noted that, thanks to the improved bus fare collection, the Belgrade authorities will be able to invest more into public transport with the goal of the average age of buses not exceeding seven years.

(Politika, 19.04.2023)

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