Belgrade subway to become operational in 2029

The Serbian government said that preparatory works on the construction of a subway depot in Belgrade will be completed in the summer, ahead of the December deadline.

“As early as next year, we expect the start of construction on the entire route of the first subway line, from Makisko Polje to Mirijevo,” Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said in a press release.

Mali also said that the first subway line, with 21 stations, is expected to be completed by 2028 or 2029, with plans for a second line already underway.

In 2021, the Serbian government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PowerChina and French companies Alstom and Egis Rail for the construction of the Belgrade metro system.

Serbia started the construction in November 2021.

According to the preliminary design of the project, the Belgrade subway network will initially consist of two lines of 21km and 24km in length respectively and will integrate four urban railway lines.

The first subway line will run along the Sava River, crossing downtown Belgrade, and will link the Makisko Polje area in the southwestern part of the Serbian capital to the Mirijevo neighbourhood in the northeast, near the Danube River. The second line will connect Zemun, a northwestern suburb of Belgrade, to the Mirijevo neighbourhood through the Novi Beograd municipality.

The Serbian government will finance 85 percent of the costs from loans, while the remaining 15 percent will be paid from its own funds.

(Nova Ekonomija, 15.04.2024)

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