Belgrade subway is already making a lot of money for some people

Although he was bypassed as the Serbian Progressive Party candidate for the upcoming election in Belgrade, the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, is probably going to be appointed the head of the company that oversees the construction of the Belgrade subway.

The construction of the subway started in the Makiš area in Belgrade in November and the first station will be just above the main water source of the capital. The company that will oversee the entire project is the public enterprise Beogradski Metro i Voz.

Although the construction of the subway started only recently, in 2019 and 2020, the number of employees in Beogradski Metro i Voz went up by 325% while the average salary in the company increased by 60%. This is what the company’s financial reports show.

In 2019, the company paid a total of 43.82 million dinars for salaries to employees and a fee to the chairman and members of the supervisory board. The average salary for 17 employees and 2 members of the supervisory board was 192,188 dinars gross, or 117,123 dinars net. The company’s total expenses stood at 70.3 million, and 62% of these expenses went towards salaries.

Only a year earlier, the same company, which at that time had only four employees, paid 2 million dinars in salaries and benefits after less than three months since inception, or 73,177 dinars net each. The number of employees thus increased from 4 to 17 in one year or +325%.

(Nova, 17.02.2022)

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