Belgrade software developers have highest average salaries in Serbia

The average net salary in Serbia in May this year amounted to 65,025 dinars, according to data from the State Statistical Office. However, there are big differences in average salaries between cities and industries.

Belgraders have the highest salaries in the country, with an average of 80,157 dinars. However, the Belgrade municipalities differ in monthly income, so for example, the highest net salaries in May 2021 were earned by residents of Vračar (105,636 dinars), while the lowest salaries, excluding payroll tax and contributions, were earned by people living in Mladenovac, reports

Towns with the highest average net salaries in Serbia are Bor (84,822 dinars), Novi Sad (73,516 dinars), Lajkovac (71,805 dinars) and Vršac (70,559 dinars).

On the other hand, the lowest net salaries in May were paid in Bojnik (44,573 dinars), Vlasotince (44,822 dinars), Vranjska Banja (45,303 dinars), Gadžin Han (45,931 dinars) and Ražanj (46,218 dinars).

Economist Aleksandar Stevanović says that the difference in average net salaries is not as big as it seems, because the factors that determine it are the educational level of the workforce and the types of activities that dominate in certain parts of the country. Also, the average salary tends to be higher in towns where companies have their headquarters.

In terms of average salaries in individual economic branches, the highest average net salary in May 2021 was earned by people employed in the computer programming and consulting sectors (168,994 dinars), followed by the mining and natural gas sector (144,668 dinars), air transport (141,589 dinars), information and communications (130,363 dinars), and financial services, excluding insurance and pension funds (130,471 dinars).

The lowest average net salaries in May this year were earned by workers in the service sector (36,793 dinars), travel agencies, tour operators, booking services and related activities (37,799 dinars), accommodation and food services (38,769 dinars), computer and household appliances repair (39,278 dinars) and the textile sector (40,540 dinars).

(Nova, 04.08.2021)

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