Belgrade restaurants and bars open

The opening of catering facilities in Serbia has been announced for today.

Cafes and restaurants in Belgrade are starting to work on the condition that they have to adhere to the strict protective measures.

This weekend, owners and workers at catering facilities have been working on properly preparing their facilities for the arrival of customers.

The Institute of Public Health of Belgrade has made a number of recommendations to catering facilities during the state of emergency, which must be respected in order for the premises to start and continue working.

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Once they open, they need to wash, clean and disinfect the premises, accessories and equipment on a daily basis, as well as properly ventilate them.

Employees must be provided with the required amount of prescribed personal protective pieces of equipment and disinfectants both for themselves and for customers. It is also recommended for employees, who have direct communication with customers or serve them, to wear visors.

Guests must enter catering facilities wearing a mask, which must also be worn when picking up ordered food and drink through home delivery or over-the-counter sales. Only guests seated at tables don’t have to wear a mask.

(Blic, 04.05.2020)


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