Belgrade ranks 6th on the list of the most expensive cities in Europe

Belgrade ranks 6th on the list of the most expensive cities in Europe in terms of real estate prices in relation to residents’ income, says the Numbeo website, which has the world’s largest database on the cost and quality of life.

Belgrade is currently in 6th place according to an index that in business circles is a measure of affordability when buying real estate. Lower the index, the higher the ranking.

“The index is the ratio of average house prices to the average disposable income of households. Our formula assumes and uses net disposable household income, defined as an average net salary and a half, an average size of an apartment and the average price per square metre of an apartment in the city centre and on the outskirts,” Numbeo says.

Belgrade is ranked below Dubrovnik, which is the most expensive city, followed by Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris and Minsk; other cities in the region topping the list include Split, Tirana, Novi Sad, Budapest, Skopje, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Banja Luka.

According to data from the State Statistical Office, the average gross salary in July in Serbia was 100,937 dinars, while the average net salary without taxes and contributions was 73,114 dinars.

The average salary in Belgrade in January this year, was 89,004 dinars, or 122,545 dinars gross. The highest salaries are paid out in the municipality of Vračar, while the lowest in Sopot (58,888 dinars net).

Interestingly, London, which has a reputation as a city with unbearably high real estate prices, is only in 11th place.

(Alo, 19.11.2022)



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