Belgrade presents its candidacy for hosting Expo 2027

The 171st General Assembly of the Bureau of International Expositions ended yesterday in Paris, where Serbia presented Belgrade’s candidacy to host the International World Exhibition Expo 2027, with the slogan “Game(s) for Humanity – Sport and Music for All”.

The Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, said that the plan is to build the National Stadium and a new trade fair complex next to it for this specialized exhibition. He added that financial resources have already been allocated for those projects, regardless to the fact that we do not yet know whether Belgrade will host the exhibition.

He announced that he will have signed a contract by the end of the week that will mark the start of construction works on both buildings, stating that the world’s best architects are working on these projects.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that, if Serbia were to win the candidacy, it would become the host to more than 150 countries participating in the event, and added that Serbia’s main competitors are Argentina, Spain, the USA and Thailand.

The country that will host Expo 2027 will be chosen by 170 countries by secret ballot in June 2023.

(eKapija, 29.11.2022)

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