Belgrade Philharmonic to stage another free outdoor concert in Usce

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is doing it yet again! On Sunday, 24th June, in front of the SIV Building in Block 13 in Novi Beograd, the Philharmonic will hold its second big outdoor concert while featuring the HD Odyssey project.

Last year, at the same place, over 20,000 people came to listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra give a memorable free concert. This year, the concert will be held under the slogan “Picnic under the Stars”.

As many as 105 musicians, conducted by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s lead conductor Gabriel Feltz, will perform. The concert is scheduled for 20:30h. The big novelty this year will be the presentation of the audio-visual project HD Odyssey, which will make this event even more spectacular than last year’s.

While the orchestra plays masterpieces of classical music, the audience will be able to see in the background the magnificent images of the Earth and the Universe shot by the US space agency NASA.

Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, Ivan Tasovac, told Blic what he expected from this concert and what the project actually was.

“During its second outdoor concert, the Philharmonic will take the audiences through the space. – We would like to invite people from all over Serbia to a music picnic under the stars. Under the open sky, and on huge screens, we will see the incredible scenes the space, courtesy of NASA, while our orchestra will play anthological classical music”, Tasovac added.

In an unprecedented multimedia event, the Houston Symphony was the first orchestra to perform a back-to-back lineup of the first two installments in the HD Odyssey film series – The Planets and The Earth (formerly Orbit). The audiences were able to see striking images in the Earth, shown on a giant screen above the orchestra, taken from NASA’s missions to Earth’s orbit, and accompanied by Strauss’ epic tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra. The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will play the same compositions plus Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’.  

Last year, between 20,000 and 30,000 people attended the concert with Zubin Mehta as a special guest. This time around, the organizers say that the sound will be better and stronger and that there will even be a baby- fan pit for the youngest visitors.

(Blic, 08.06.2018)



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