Belgrade Philharmonic’s open-air concert postponed due to storm warning

Due to the forecasted storm and the red meteorological alert, issued by the State Hydrometeorological Institute, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s open-air concert is postponed to Sunday, June 30th. The concert will be held in Usce.

Although everything was ready for a live performance of Disney’s Fantasia, the Philharmonic Orchestra informed the public that it had decided to move this extremely complicated production to the next weekend.

The Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, Ivan Tasovac says that the decision to postpone the concert was also made due to the fact that many children will come to the concert.

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Disney’s masterpiece Fantasia, conducted by Gabriel Feltz. Released in 1940, Fantasia represented Disney’s boldest experiment to date, bringing to life Walt Disney’s vision of blending animated imagery with classical music. 

(Blic, 24.06.2019)



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