Belgrade Philharmonic’s musical journey through Italy

Everyone who is enchanted with Italy will definitely enjoy the exciting and picturesque music that will be played by the Belgrade Philharmonic in the Central Hall of the Kolarac Endowment, on Friday, 9th December, at 8 pm. This musical journey through Italy is aptly called „For Adventurists“.

Conductor Mikhail Yurovsky will lead the musical journey through Italy’s landscape, seen through the eyes of the great romantic composers Hector Berlioz and Richard Strauss. The first violin of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Boris Brezovac will take on a complex role of the melancholic daydreamer Harold.

Berlioz composed a symphony about the memories he collected while roaming the Abruzzo Mountains, with viola taking the centre stage. After that, the Belgrade Philharmonic and conductor Yurovsky will take the audience through a musical poem by Strauss called “From Italy”. This piece will bring to life all of the composer’s impressions and the emotions he felt while travelling through sunny Campagna, the eternal city of Rome and the hustle and bustle of Naples.

(Blic, 07.12.2016)

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